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InetSoft API Client

This library provides a client for the InetSoft web API.

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$ npm install @inetsoft/api-client

By default, the library uses the Fetch API for communicating with the web service. If you require compatibility with older browsers, you will need to include a Fetch polyfill, such as this one. If you are using the client from Node.js, you will need to add the node-fetch package to your project.

Alternatively, you can implement HttpAdapter and use any HTTP client implementation you want. You can then pass an instance of your adapter to the createApiClient() call.


You create an instance of the API client by calling the createApiClient() function, as shown below.

var client = createApiClient('http://localhost:8080/sree', 'apiAccount', 'password');

function addReports(reports) {
   // do something with the reports

Note that when using in a web page, the page must be served from the same domain as the InetSoft application or you must add the appropriate CORS HTTP headers.

Using in TypeScript is similar, as shown in the following example.

import { createApiClient } from '@inetsoft/api-client';

const client = crateApiClient('http://localhost:8080/sree', 'apiAccount', 'password');
client.report.getReports().then(reports => {
   reports.forEach(report => {
      // do something with the report

Further information on the client APIs can be found in the API documentation.

Version Compatibility

The following table lists the compatibility between versions of this library and the InetSoft product version.

API Version Product Version
1.0.0 2019


The InetSoft JavaScript API Client library is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.




  • createApiClient(serverUrl: string, username?: string | null, password?: string | null, adapter?: HttpAdapter<any> | null): ApiClient
  • Creates a new instance of ApiClient.


    • serverUrl: string

      the base URL of the InetSoft server.

    • Default value username: string | null = null

      the user name used to authenticate with the server. This parameter is not required if anonymous access is allowed or if the user is already authenticated in the enclosing web page.

    • Default value password: string | null = null

      the password used to authenticate with the server.

    • Default value adapter: HttpAdapter<any> | null = null

      the adapter for the HTTP client. If not specified, this will use the fetch API.

    Returns ApiClient

    an new API client instance.


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